Visioning your dreams

The first step in any planning process is to envision what you want create. Some call it brainstorming; I call it dreaming or visioning. This is where anything goes. No judgement. Throw it all out there and save the sorting for later. Check your censor at the door.

Grab a notebook and fill up at least three pages with ideas, more if you want to use images, drawing or other collaging techniques. Draw maps. The key is to get it all out and down on paper. Ask yourself what you hope is the end result of your writing or what you want people to say about your writing.

My visioning for my writing career covers a wide gamut, from skill, to financial, to reputation, to creating a balance with the rest of my non-writing life and relationships. Some ideas from my own process include: my writing will pay off my mortgage, eager readers will buy my books like crazy because they love the characters so much, becoming a highly skilled and versatile writer.