Evaluating your results

As mentioned earlier, it’s critical to review your plan on a regular basis. This way, you can note what’s working, what you’ve accomplished, and what needs to be changed, based on new information or changed circumstances.

At the top of your plan, there’s a space to note the date you’ve updated the plan and also when you intend to review the plan.

I suggest reviewing the plan on a monthly basis, taking a close look at your tactics, timelines and progress. Remove any completed tactics or, if you like to be able to track all you’ve accomplished, move them to the end of your plan. This should take less than an hour.

Once each year, review your goals as well. If anything need revising, now’s the time. If you’ve accomplished one of your goals, move it out of the way and create a new goal, taking into context your long-term career objectives. If you’ve made any significant shifts, be sure to revise your supporting information, such as audience, conduits, product or your SWOT. This should take only a few hours.