I read an excellent blog post today about starting at Six Degrees of Separation.

Hard as it is to create tangible goals, it’s even harder at times to actually BEGIN… both setting the goals and then doing the work to accomplish them.

We all have tricks to getting moving. My best trick is time blocking… which is to block out a certain amount of time and then start the computer or whatever, and then fill that time.

I also have a set of songs that I call Pavlov’s Writing Mix. The first song is Praise You by Fat Boy Slim. That song has an interesting tickety-ticking sound at the beginning that reminds me of writing at a keyboard. I’ve listened to this song mix so many times, I really am like Pavlov’s dog. I hear it and I start writing. If I am doing businessy type stuff, I listen to Jazz Canada live stream on

So, the combination of 1) a goal, 2) a block of time, and 3) the right soundtrack seems to do the trick for me.

True, there are times when not much gets done. But usually one small things gets done and that’s one small step forward.

Best of luck with your beginnings.

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