Begin with a bang; end with a bang

Boom! It’s the New Year! The world is awash with new goals, new plans.

Want to know how to end the year with a bang as well? No, I don’t mean at a big bash on News Year’s Eve. I mean ending the year, satisfied with what you’ve accomplished, knowing you’re about to start a new year strong, confident and moving forward.

Three simple tips:

1. Pick your goals and write them down. Use one of the templates here. Or use that new notebook you got as a holiday gift.

2. When deciding what to spend your time on, look at your goals. Do they match? Great. No? Maybe take a pass.

3. Track your progress on a regular basis. Jot down your accomplishments along the way, even the baby steps. It’s encouraging.

At the end of the year, I guarantee you’ll be in the mood to celebrate your accomplishments.

Happy 2010!

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