A fresh start

It’s been a long while since I’ve given this website much attention. Life has been busy. Projects have popped up. I’ve tackled things that come up as they come up, but haven’t been following a specific plan. Planning takes time, and a vision, and to be honest, I didn’t really get that vision nailed down.

But recently, I’ve been taking stock. Where am I heading? What do I really want to accomplish?

This morning I heard actor Danny Woodburn interviewed on CBC radio (Day 6) about casting regular actors and using special effects to “scale them down” rather than using actors with dwarfism. He said something I thought was fantastic. He talked about actors making choices in their business and went on to describe how those choices differ from actor to actor. He has a very clear idea about the roles he will take on. This makes it easy for him to say “no” to roles that are not in line with his vision and his business. (It’s a great interview, so give it a listen!)

The takeaway? There are so many directions we can head off into, so many opportunities to explore, so many methods for going about it. It does make it easier when the vision is clear. We can straightaway eliminate all those paths and activities that are won’t take us to where we want to be or let us travel with our integrity and character intact.

I had a choice to make regarding this site. Do I take it down? Do I revive it? Is it in line with my vision, vague as it is? The answer, I guess, is pretty clear since the website is still live. I still am very passionate about planning, strategy, vision and helping writers get where they want to be. So, I’ll see you around!

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