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A fresh start

It’s been a long while since I’ve given this website much attention. Life has been busy. Projects have popped up. I’ve tackled things that come up as they come up, but haven’t been following a specific plan. Planning takes time,

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The hedgehog and the fox

I’m currently reading the book Good to Great, by Jim Collins, a gift from the new Executive Officer at work. I admit, I am not reading it in chapter order, as I have a few things on my mind lately

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Why tracking results matters

The final step in The Writers Plan is to ‘evaluate your results’. But in many ways, it sits at #3 is the ranking of importance, after creating a vision and determining the steps to achieve that vision. Let’s say your

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Welcome writers!

The Writer’s Plan site is dedicated to helping writers create a personalized business plan. To succeed in any endeavor, we need a vision and a series of steps to take towards that vision. The first step begins here.

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